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Haze Her

Watch hot college girls in real sorority hazing acts caught on video.

See sorority pledges as never before as they strip, eat pussy, suck cock and do whatever it takes to become a Sister. You have never seen anything like this before.

This shit is too good for us to make up!. Best of all we award the best sorority submission with a $10,000 cash prize to keep it interesting ;)

Tale of the Dancing Bear

What happens when you film real women going nuts with a whole bunch of male strippers all around them?

Amazing stuff. That's what happens.

Years on the making, Tale of the Dancing Bear takes the viewer on a behind the scenes journey inside bachelorette parties, girl's birthdays, graduation parties and more!

You simply won't believe how crazy girls go when you put a bunch of big, swinging dicks in their faces. No inhibitions. No rules. Just pure, unadulterated female horniess at it's best!

Nikki Price

If you have ever promoted any good single-girl websites, then you probably already know just how good they sell.

With this site,, you have an actual real college student / part-time fashion model. And best of all, she doesn't just get naked. She fucks. And by fucks we mean fucks the shit out of each unsuspecting guy.

Few sites bring a true college-student, filmed in real college enviornment with other real college students together like this.

She is hot. She is real. And she can be seen on and nowhere else. Send some traffic and see for yourself just how well this website sells.

We pay you $35 for every signup you send (even trials). Send 175 or more sales in a pay period, and we pay you $40 per sale.

Webmaster Referral

We pay you $200 for every webmaster that you refer us our program. Once that webmaster sends between 8 and 14 sales, you get paid!

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